Easy Exchange International Money Transfer To New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Germany,Netherlands and Belgium

The more money transfers to the Netherlands the lower the price of sending money for everyone and that is why using us to transfer money to Netherlands is easy and far cheaper than any other provider when you consider our fees and highly competitive EURO currency rates. You can use our Dutch (EUR) currency rates converter and collaborative transfer fees schedule on the right hand side of the screen to help you make comparisons with your bank or other money transfer companies.

We currently can assist you to transfer money to Netherlands in the following directions;

To Netherlands from the UK.

To Netherlands from Australia.

To Netherlands from New Zealand.

To carry out an online money transfer to Netherlands follow our normal process outlined below and start saving.

Log into your account:

Select the ‘Log-in’ button from the top menu bar and log in using your account details that have been sent to you via e-mail. You will be directed to your account area.

Create a Beneficiary Bank account  with the details of your Dutch account:

Select the ‘My Beneficiaries’ button from the top menu bar and then proceed to use the Beneficiary region to create any beneficiaries that you want to transfer money to. In this case your beneficiary details will be for your Dutch bank account and will be stored and made available to you the next time you want to make a transfer.

In Netherlands the following format BIC and IBAN combination is used when setting up a beneficary account.

SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BIC’s are made up of 8 or 11 characters

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): Dutch IBAN’s have 18 characters, starting with 'NL' followed by 16 characters.

Create a Bank account account:

Select the ‘My Bank Accounts’ button from the top menu bar and then proceed to use the Bank accounts region to create any U.K, Australian or New Zealand based bank accounts that you are going to use to make payment to Easy Exchange from. We do this to make it easy to track your funds in case the banks leave anything off or to trace funds in the banking system if required.

Fill in your transfer form:

Having logged in to your account, select the ‘Transfer money’ button from the side menu and complete the transfer form. On the Form you will see the Bank accounts you have set up including your Dutch beneficiary bank. On the transfer form you will be asked whether you want to opt in/out of the Collaborative transfer scheme. By opting in you are able to receive the best possible combination of EUR currency rates and transfer fees to Netherlands.